Explore the water and fish like a pro. Deeper smart sonars are perfect for boat fishing from any water craft. Compact and portable, they mount easily on boats, kayaks and float tubes. Turn your smartphone or tablet into an advanced sonar system and take your boat fishing to the next level.

Use the versatile Deeper Flexible Arm Mount to fasten your smart sonar device to your boat or kayak. Attach your Deeper using the top bolt, then clamp the mount to your boat, ensuring the device is submerged halfway into the water.

Attached to the outside of your boat or kayak, this solution gives you more room for fishing and paddling.

Using Boat Mode on the Deeper App enables you to instantly monitor the water bottom and create real time bathymetric maps. All the data collected is archived and stored on your smartphone or tablet for you to access again later.

Mapping using Boat Mode on the Deeper App is easy. The white line on the map shows GPS readings as you travel around the lake, while the colour scale shows the depth and contours of the water you’re mapping.

You can easily identify different depths based on the colours shown. Shallow waters are coloured in orange, while the deepest spots are displayed in blue. And knowing the depth will help you quickly identify the best fishing spots.

To use this feature, turn on Boat Mode in Settings, located in the upper menu bar.

You get unlimited data for both sonar image recordings and bathymetric maps. Just use the History button in upper menu bar to review your recordings and maps.

All your sonar data is stored and presented in one place. So, it doesn’t take long to find what you need, analyze it, and be better prepared than ever before for your next fishing trip.

Kayak / boat fishing with Deeper in three simple steps

Fasten Deeper to the flexible arm mount

Mount to your boat/kayak and scan the water

Analyse data readings on your smartphone

Choose Your Deeper Smart Sonar