Deeper in UK

A short story shared by Stewart Jones (UK)

‘Since becoming a Dad last November, my time fishing has been limited to mostly days on a few hours here or there. My partner recently bought me a Deeper Pro + for my birthday, the reason I wanted it was if I had a map of a certain venue, I was going to time wouldn’t be spent trying to find spots as everything would be logged in this brilliant product.

Once it arrived, I couldn’t wait to ge tout to test it, most of my local venues were covered with ice but a small deeper pond I knew of was only half frozen. Once I’d synced it to my phone which was simple, I began having a cast about the sonar was telling me the lake was basically 8ft deep but as I retrieved it in, I found the foot of a marginal shelf and this ran pretty much all the way around the lake. I decided to put a bit of bait in this area, and left it for an hour while I carried on looking for other potential spots.

After about an hour, the only real feature¬†found was a marginal slope, I thought I’d set up a Lil free running lead set up with a 10mm Pop-up attached, I placed my bait at the foot of the shelf and within 20 minutes the Rod was off which resulted in a lovely low double, to say I was gobsmacked was an understatement. Thanks for bringing out such an easy to use product, can’t wait to get back out on the bank.

Thanks for sharing, Stewart!


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